From the Heart

I’ll never forget that moment. I had just given the microphone to the Father of the Bride. As he held the mic in one hand he fetched his notes on a sheet of paper with the other. As he held onto both I could see his hands trembling. Nerves had won over in this moment.

He looked at his notes, then the guests.

The he did something I’ve never seen at a wedding before.

He put the hand holding his notes to his side, turned and looked right at his daughter, the bride, and spoke from his heart.

“Kelly, he said, “you have been a joy since the day you were born!” He then went on to recount many of her child hood memories, then concluded by saying “You never gave your mother and I any cause for concern. You’ve always made good decisions – and today you made another one by marrying the guy right next to you. Bryan, you don’t know how much pleasure it gives me to say Welcome to the family!”

You could have heard ice melting in the room.

These are the moments you that make a wedding day. I’ll be honest. No one will remember your invitations, the color of your flowers or even the food (unless it is really bad) but the moments will be remembered.

I can help create those moments – and I can help enhance them with music. What do you want your moments to be?

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Something A Little Different

The bride wanted to try something different – and I like different. I think it helps make your wedding YOUR wedding. Instead of doing the traditional wedding party dance, she asked, could I make one of those mash-ups containing bits of different songs and get to her a couple of weeks before the wedding.? The plan was to get all of the bridesmaids together and choreograph a routine to the mix, but then they would let the groomsmen know – at the wedding rehearsal the night before the big day – that the bridesmaids were challenging them to a dance off the following day to help kick off the party.

Easy enough, I could do that. The mix was put together and delivered on time as promised. Two weeks later after the rehearsal was completed the ladies threw down their challenge. The bride then called me and told me that the contest was on, and that the guys had a song in mind for their part.

Not a problem. It was a song I had in my library.

However a couple of hours later, sometime after 10 pm, I went to shut down my computer for the night and noticed I had received an email from the bride just an hour earlier.

“I know this may be too late,” she explained, “but the guys want to know if you could put a mix together for them for tomorrow’s  dance off.”

Say what?

She listed the songs that they wanted and I had them all, so I worked until the midnight hour putting the mix together.

The next day at the reception things moved along just as planned, and when we got to the wedding party dance I explained to the guests that a challenge had been made. First I brought out the bridesmaids and they had their routine down. Even the little flower girls were involved. It was evident this was well rehearsed.

Then we called the guys out. Their mix started with a slow instrumental. I believe I recall it being the theme from Chariots of Fire. The guys paraded out single file onto the dance floor, wearing sunglasses and waving ribbons they had attached to a stick. Then there was a record scratch, followed by bits from Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy …. Gangnam Style…. Cotton Eyed Joe – and the guys had it down! It brought down the house.

To this day I don’t know how they pulled it off without any time to practice.

Again, these are the moments you that make a wedding day. I’ll be honest. Not many of your guests will remember your invitations, the color of your flowers or even a lot of the songs I play but the moments – like this one – will be remembered.

I can help create those moments – and I can help enhance them with music.

What do you want your moments to be?

“My Luke Skywalker Moment”

It was one of the most delightful weddings I had the pleasure of being part of. The story was that Kristian was from the Big City up north; the bride, Leah, a small town girl from Iowa. They ended up at the same college together – but it was not there where they actually met. It was instead on a study abroad trip in England where they first crossed paths, and sparks flew immediately.

And now it was wedding day. The toasts after dinner were heartwarming. The father of the groom explained how HE was smitten with Leah after he had first met her. “But it took HIM (the groom) five years to get around to proposing!” he said. “I was thinking, ’C’mon man, what are you waiting for??’”

The toasts concluded when Kristian got up to say a few word of thanks to everyone for being there.

He began by saying “Anyone here who knows me knows I’m a Star Wars fan,” which brought some chuckles to the room, “and Luke Skywalker once said” – and I wish I could remember the quote that he used, but he concluded by saying, “Well this is MY Luke Skywalker moment.”

It was so profound. It stuck to us like a Velcro ball on wool.

Kristian then went on to talk of Leah’s father, who unfortunately had passed away just some months before the wedding. He told funny stories – and some quirky rules – that his would-be father-in-law had (“Seven minutes in the shower!”), and he concluded by again thanking everyone for being there and he hoped to see everyone on the dance floor.

With that I let the guests know that the dessert bar was now open……. And I launched into the theme from Star Wars to enhance the moment!

These are the moments  that make a wedding day,  the moments that will be remembered.

I can help create those moments – and I can help enhance them with music. What do you want your moments to be?

The Anniversary Dance

One of the wedding traditions we typically do is called the anniversary dance, and if you have never seen it before it works like this: All of the married couples in the room are invited out to the dance floor to join the bride and groom – and I have to give my good friend Bob credit for this line: He tells the couples this is the Celebration of Marriage Dance, and for every couple out in the dance floor with the newest member of the “marriage club” that will add on year of good luck to their marriage. Sometimes, if the guests are a little less than willing to participate, we have to sham them a bit into joining us on the dance floor by telling them that if they are married and still sitting in their chair it is like wishing the bride and groom bad luck on their wedding day (while you’re drinking their free beer). This guilt’s them into participating.

We then play a song for all of the married couples but about half way through we start eliminating couples by saying anyone who has not yet been married five years can return to their seat.” Then it’s 10 … 15 … 20 … and continues until we have one couple – the longest married couple – left on the dance floor.

We then invite the two couples – the bride and groom and the longest married couple – to join together for a photo op.

Now here is where it sometimes differs. Some couples have a gift for the longest married couple, sometimes the bride will give her bouquet to them in lieu of tossing it to the single girls, but I like to take the microphone to the couple and ask for their names, how long they’ve been married and what advice they would give to the newlyweds to achieve that plateau. The advice is sometimes comical, sometimes heartfelt.

My most memorable one though happened years ago in Platteville, WI.

I first asked the wife of the senior married couple what advice she would give the bride and groom, and it was something pretty typical, like always listen to one another or never go to bed mad.

But when I asked her husband for his advice he just took the microphone from me and took over the room.

“Well when we got married we went to the Smokey Mountains for our honeymoon,” he told the guests. “We had a little cabin rented up in the mountains but you could not get there by car so we got a horse and packed our belongings on it for the trip up the mountain.”

About halfway up, he told his captivated audience, the horse fell down, so he had to unpack everything, let the horse stand back up and re-pack everything, but then he said, “I told the horse that’s once.”

“We went a little farther and the horse fell again, so again I had to unpack everything, get the horse up and pack things again, and I said to the horse ‘That’s two!’”

“We didn’t go much further and that horse fell again and I said ‘that’s three!’ and I shot that horse!”

The guests gasped – but then he delivered his punchline.

“So we had to carry all of our stuff the rest of the way up the mountain to the cabin by ourselves,” he continued, “but Marilyn was saying ‘Oh what did you do that for? That was not the horses fault. I can’t believe you shot that horse!’ And I turned and said ‘Marilyn – that’s one!’

“And I have never have had a problem since!”

The guests roared!! I was laughing too hard to take the microphone back. But you want to talk about energizing the room! And I went back to my set up I knew I had to play Rocky Top by The Osborne Brothers at some point that night.

These are the moments that make a wedding day, the moments that will create the memories.

I can help create those moments – and I can help enhance them with music.
What do you want your moments to be?

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